The first half of this issue is devoted to VELA UNIFORM-sponsored research; the papers contained in it should be classed with the papers that appeared in the April, 1964, issue, which consisted entirely of papers based on VELA UNIFORM- supported projects. The papers in the second group are those that, for a variety of reasons, did not make the deadline for the april issue (December 15, 1963): Some could not be reviewed in time-theoretical papers especially are not reviewed over a weekend-while in other cases the dialogue between reviewer and author continued till after the deadline. These statistical vagaries, however, do not imply any inherent difference between the VELA UNIFORM papers in the April and the October issues. Both deserve the close attention of the geophysical reader who stands to get fresh ideas from the various approaches made here to the problems in the neighboring field of nuclear-blast detection, and from the instrumental and theoretical developments that resulted from the attack on these problems

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