I sincerely thank Messrs Ben-Menahem and Cisternas for their communications. In this detailed reply I would like to explain the following points more clearly: 1. I do agree with them about the incorrectness of equations (27) and (28) of Dyakonov. 2. At the same time I suspect incorrectness in the integral representation (1) of their last letter. In a following paragraph I am presenting the formula which is the appropriate one in my opinion. 3. Assuming the formula (1) of Ben-Menahem and Cisternas to be correct, it will be seen that formula (35) in Dyakonov's paper and formula (82) in my paper remain unaltered. Therefore, it can be concluded that the remark (c) in their last letter is completely unfounded. 4. In reply to their last point it may be mentioned that the prime purpose of my paper was to put down the formulae appropriate for studying the difficult problem of diffraction of electromagnetic waves by an inhomogeneous sphere when located in an infinite or semi-infinite space. The particular treatment was chosen for its mathematical generality and the possible application in studying the effect of concentric and/or eccentric zoning over the inhomogeneous sphere.

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