In areas where terrain is rugged, or in water-covered terrain as in Alaska and Canadian Muskeg, the heavy weight-dropping equipment cannot be used. Under these conditions the weight-dropper or "Stomper" can be replaced by the firing of small explosive charges in shallow holes while the regular weight-dropping recording equipment is retained. This method has been called "Shot Popping." This paper discusses equipment, arrays of shots and detectors, Compositing methods, and coverage per day as compared to weight-dropping and conventional seismic reflection methods. In areas where reflectors are steeply dipping, the compositing over long surface spreads necessary to attenuate noise can also result in distortion and cancellation of the desired reflection signals. Described is a method of directional scanning to help enhance reflection signals under steep-dip conditions. Examples of records obtained by "Shot Popping" and directional scanning are presented.

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