A computer is required to calculate the complex wave-front charts which are needed in many areas. On a medium size computer wave-front charts can be constructed using up to 40 layers. Each layer can be a constant velocity or can start with any velocity and have an increase in velocity with vertical time. These wave-front charts may be automatically plotted for use in migration in a vertical plane. At the same time that the wave-front chart is being obtained, a list may be made which shows the depth and offset for each reflection time and stepout value. This migration list may be used to migrate values from time maps in three dimensions. Before migrating, these time maps should have contours of all time values even though overlapping occurs as on buried foci of sharp synclines. Thus, it is a simple matter to make a migrated depth map from any time map regardless of the crookedness and discontinuity of the profiles or the lack of cross-line control.

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