An airborne magnetometer profile was obtained in the course of ferrying an aircraft from Brownsville, Texas, to Guatemala City, Guatemala, via Tampico, Tuxpan, Veracruz, Tuxtla, Tapachula and Tequisate, a distance of slightly over 1,000 miles.The profile indicates that the basement depth is on the order of -20,000 ft along the eastern coast of Mexico, except for the Tamualipas uplift. In southern Mexico and Guatemala the basement level rises to approximately -10,000 ft, and it is exposed in the extreme southern part of Mexico. Several major fault systems and intra-sedimentary volcanic horizons are indicated by the profile.Bouguer anomaly data, supplied by Dr. G. P. Woollard, show surprisingly good agreement with the sub-surface structure as determined from the magnetics.Gross errors in the depth determinations from the single profile may arise due to simplifying assumptions that the trends are transverse to the direction of the profile and that they are elongate. The excellent correlation between the structures determined from the magnetics and the Bouguer gravity anomalies lends confidence to conclusions drawn from these indications, and this should permit further analysis of the gravity.

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