By using ordinary magnetic induction methods of analysis, Haalck, Heiland, and others have developed formulas which express the magnetic anomaly over a vertical or inclined vein of tabular shape as a function of the susceptibility, dimensions, shape, and disposition of the vein, and of the strength and direction of the earth's magnetic field. On the basis of these fundamental formulas, other formulas for the vertical component of the magnetic field are derived in the present paper for such veins in intermediate northern magnetic latitudes. Special emphasis is given to the orientation of the veins relative to the magnetic north direction. Several families of vertical magnetic intensity curves for veins with different strikes and dips are given. All theoretical curves for veins striking magnetic north are plotted in terms of a parametric unit so that, once plotted, they can be used repeatedly in different districts, provided a proper multiplying factor is chosen for the observed curve. The importance of the transverse horizontal magnetization effect under certain conditions of orientation is demonstrated. It is shown mathematically that small vertical magnetic anomalies are to be expected for thin veins striking east and dipping south at an angle equal to, or approximately equal to, the complement of the angle of magnetic inclination.

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