Several years ago while doing routine seismic shooting in a portion of the Sacramento Valley near the town of Elk Grove, several prominent reflection bands were noticed recurring on many of the profiles. Five selected profiles are shown in discussing reflection correlation over this small, comparatively ideal area. Figure 1 shows the general location of the profiles which range from 2 to 8 miles apart. Figure 2 shows three records whose location can be seen by referring to Figure 1. Records 1, 2, and 3 were correlated as shown by events A and B. When the B events are correlated as shown, there is some evidence that in going from record 2 to 3 the A event could correlate with A'. However, when the records are studied more carefully, it appears that the interval between reflection bands thickens and that the events A and B should be correlated as marked on all three records. This correlation was independently substantiated by connecting continuous profile lines. It would appear then that between these three records, jump correlation might be done with a fair degree of accuracy.

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