A portable, general purpose six-trace cathode-ray oscillograph is described. Eight 2-inch cathode-ray tubes are arranged side by side in a line. Six of these tubes have individual d.-c. amplifiers with high gain, high input impedance, good high-frequency response, and excellent stability. The two outside cathode-ray tubes provide calibrated timing pulses.A removable camera with a fast lens photographs the cathode-ray tubes on 35-mm. film, to give a continuous displacement-time record of the cathode-ray spots. The film may be driven past the lens aperture at speeds continuously variable from a few inches per second to 13 feet per second. A 100-foot film supply system can be used, or a 10-inch strip can be fastened around the drive drum for short records.Film can be processed rapidly, and readily examined with a viewer having a 5 to 10 diameter magnification. More complete analysis of records can be made from enlargements.

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