This paper sets forth the need for a standard set of instructions in the safe handling and use of explosives in the geophysical industry. It suggests the appointments of an agency, such as the Bureau of Mines, to collect data regarding accidents and near-accidents in which explosives were involved, the agency also to analyze the data that are submitted and compile from the data a standard set of instructions. Several accidents which occurred while explosives were being used by the geophysical industry and which were reported to the Bureau of Mines during the last three years are discussed and analyzed in this paper. Although the accidents analyzed in this paper were not all of the accidents that occurred in the geophysical industry, they cost the industry over $235,000 and the lives of 5 men, in addition to permanent injuries to several members of the geophysical crews. The author believes that if a standardized set of instructions were compiled and used by the geophysical industry, most of the explosives accidents could be prevented. Moreover, these instructions would improve the efficiency of crews when the men are shifted or new men are employed.

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