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EISSN 1943-2682
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Geology June 2017, Vol.45, 771-774. doi:10.1130/G39159.1
Geology June 2017, Vol.45, 775-778. doi:10.1130/G38900.1
Geology June 2017, Vol.45, 779-782. doi:10.1130/G39036.1
Geology June 2017, Vol.45, 783-786. doi:10.1130/G39269.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 787-790. doi:10.1130/G38991.1
Geology June 2017, Vol.45, 791-794. doi:10.1130/G39111.1
Geology June 2017, Vol.45, 795-798. doi:10.1130/G39296.1
Geology June 2017, Vol.45, 799-802. doi:10.1130/G39091.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 803-806. doi:10.1130/G39255.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 807-810. doi:10.1130/G39297.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 811-814. doi:10.1130/G39203.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 815-818. doi:10.1130/G39147.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 819-822. doi:10.1130/G39138.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 823-826. doi:10.1130/G38938.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 827-830. doi:10.1130/G39151.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 831-834. doi:10.1130/G39157.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 835-838. doi:10.1130/G39167.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 839-842. doi:10.1130/G39045.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 843-846. doi:10.1130/G39149.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 847-850. doi:10.1130/G39075.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 851-854. doi:10.1130/G39076.1
Geology July 2017, Vol.45, 855-858. doi:10.1130/G39198.1
Geology September 2017, Vol.45, 859-860. doi:10.1130/focus092017.1
Geology September 2017, Vol.45, 861-862. doi:10.1130/focus0920172.1
Geology September 2017, Vol.45, e425. doi:10.1130/G39345C.1
Geology September 2017, Vol.45, e426. doi:10.1130/G39439Y.1
  • Cover Image

    Cover Image

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    COVER: In 2003, a spring flood of the Þverá (Thvera) River in Iceland exposed hundreds of birch trees, whose presence had been known since the 1990s. The so-called Drumbabót forest, 35 km west of Katla, is Iceland’s best-preserved prehistoric forest. The subfossil forest had been buried during a jökulhlaup associated with an explosive eruption from Katla’s caldera that evidently occurred before the first permanent human settlements were established. See “Multi-proxy dating of Iceland’s major pre-settlement Katla eruption to 822–823 CE” by Büntgen et al., p. 783–786.

    Photo by: Hrafn Óskarsson

    Cover design by: Heather L. Sutphin

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