Geology v. 42, p. 347–350, doi:10.1130/G35245.1

There was an error in determining the number of 10Be atoms per gram of quartz for samples JS-09-20, -24, -14, and -15 and, thus, the calculated 10Be ages. All usage of these samples and their ages has been corrected in the GSA Data Repository (2014131.pdf). Please see the corrected Figure 1, here. The overall interpretations of the paper remain unchanged.

The last five sentences of the paragraph before the Discussion section should read: The CE 1963 ice margin position (Thompson et al., 2006) of Qori Kalis was near the Hu-Ih moraine. Three 10Be ages of boulders associated with the Hu-Ih moraine are consistent with one another with a mean age of 220 ± 10 yr. The Hu-Ig and Hu-Ih moraines are small; we interpret them as marking only brief ice margin stillstands. Therefore, Qori Kalis likely retreated upvalley of the Hu-Ih moraine subsequent to ca. 220 ± 10 yr and re-advanced to near that position in CE 1963. Any advance between ca. 220 yr and CE 1963 did not extend past the Hu-Ig and Hu-Ih moraines.