In the particular area there occur monofacial transitional carbonate deposits of marine origin, yielding in great abundance both small shelly fossils and trace fossils, which are present in the close association and in some cases on the same bedding surface. The sequence of biotic assemblages is clearly evident and can be used for wide intercontinental correlation. In the lower part of the Qiongzhusi Stage, stratigraphically higher, there appear the oldest trilobites, archaeostracods and Baltisphaeridium characteristics of the Early Cambrian. During the last six years great progress has been made in the study of the particular section through lithostratigraphic, biostratigraphic, geochronological, magnetostratigraphic and seismostratigraphic approaches, thus making the Meischucun Stage and the Sinian-Cambrian boundary stratotype section in the Meishucun area a Chinese candidate for global stratotype section and point for the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary.--Modified journal abstract.