"Some thousands of Australian coal samples have been studied at the Division of Coal Research, C.S.I.R.O. On the basis of these studies, the present usage of the term 'sclerotinite' is considered and possible justifications for the retention of this maceral category are outlined and discussed. No characteristic differences in physical properties, form, or utilization behaviour have been found whereby sclerotinite may be distinguished from the other macerals of the inertinite group. Most of the material which has been referred to as sclerotinite is probably not fossil fungus. The 'discrete body' category of sclerotinite may well represent fusinized resin bodies, while the more extensive material represents degraded plant tissue. There would appear to be no case for the retention of the maceral category sclerotinite, and alternative means are suggested of classifying for petrographic analysis material which has hitherto been regarded as coming within this category."

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