"Reviews the stratigraphic micropalaeontology of the Lapithos group of Cyprus, which is now known to be upper Cretaceous to lower Miocene in age. A three-fold subdivision, on the basis of planktonic foraminifera, into lower (upper Cretaceous) middle (Danian to Eocene) and upper (Oligocene to lower Miocene) Lapithos formations is suggested and a summary of the outcrops of each formation is given. The foraminiferal faunas of the Lapithos group are discussed and it can be shown that a planktonic and a neritic faunal assemblage is present in each formation. The Terra limestone, hitherto considered as part of the Dhali group, shows faunal affinities with the upper Lapithos neritic facies and is therefore placed in the Lapithos group."

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