"Bouguer gravity anomalies have been determined at seventy-nine stations on Alderney, Guernsey, and Jersey. On Alderney the anomalies are clearly dependent on the nature of the outcropping rock-types, and permit approximate values for the thickness of two outcropping rock masses to be obtained. On Guernsey the anomalies are not closely related to the surface geology, and suggest that the northeastern coastal area is underlain by a body of dense rock, possibly of ultrabasic composition. The anomalies on Jersey indicate that the sedimentary rocks of western Jersey are underlain at no great depth by rock of density comparable to that of granite. In eastern Jersey the dominating feature of the anomalies is a pronounced 'high' centred near Grande Charriere. It is shown that this feature is most reasonably considered to be the effect of a large buried gabbro intrusion."

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