Between 1949 and 1955, the lower middle Hecla Hoek succession in Ny Friesland was established and reported. Examination of the series in various localities during these years and subsequent field work in 1956 and 1957 have yielded additional details which are here reported. The nature of the contact with the lower Hecla Hoek is considered, and the Veteranen limestones and quartzites of the lower Veteranen series, the Galoistoppen beds and Cavendishryggen limestones and quartzites of the middle Veteranen series, the Glasgowbreen quartzites and graywackes of the upper Veteranen series, and the Enpiggen beds and Fulmarberget shales of the Oxfordbreen series are described. The section is compared with that in Nordaustlandet. The succession as a whole shows frequent repetition of a limited number of rock types and probably represents a distinctive phase in the development of the Ny Friesland geosyncline.

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