An enhanced concentration of phosphorus has been found at the stratigraphic level of the disappearance of Ediacaran taxa in two areas, the Cis-Dniester region and the Moscow syneclise, on the East European Platform (EEP). The isotope composition of neodymium was determined in Fe sulphide and phosphorite in the same beds. Measured εNd(t) values in diagenetic phosphate nodules are similar to those in iron sulphide from the same layer. During the Ediacaran − Early Cambrian, accumulation of radiogenic Nd in the epeiric basins on the EEP increased progressively from −17.9 and −19.4 in pyrite from the sequence bottom to −7.9 and −8.5 in the Early Cambrian pyrite of the central part of the EEP. The Ediacaran phosphate nodules show εNd(t) ranging from −12.9 to −15.0, while that in the Early Cambrian nodules is typically c. −9.0. These data indicate the secular change in Nd isotope composition of the water reservoir on the EEP from Ediacaran to Cambrian.

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