We have analysed a newly exposed conodont association from the Santa Gertrudis Formation in the Mojotoro Range, Eastern Cordillera of Salta province, Argentina. The key species Baltoniodus triangularis (Lindström), Trapezognathus quadrangulum (Lindström) and Erraticodon patu Cooper are present. A new species of the genus Baltoniodus (Baltoniodus cooperi sp. nov.) and elements of Periodon aff. P. flabellum are included in this conodont study. The key conodont B. triangularis indicates an age of lower Dapingian (Middle Ordovician) for the bearing strata. This was also recognized in other localities of the Eastern Cordillera, allowing their correlation. The conodonts from the Santa Gertrudis Formation provide conclusive elements on palaeogeographic interpretation by sharing species with Baltoscandia, South China and Australia, suggesting strong faunal affinities with these provinces.

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