New material of Jiangxichelys ganzhouensis Tong & Mo, 2010, including four shells, is described, more fully documenting the morphology of the species. A partial skull associated with one of the shells is reported for the first time for that taxon. The new material reveals more similarities between J. ganzhouensis and ‘Zangerlianeimongolensis; the latter species is therefore included in the genus Jiangxichelys. The phylogenetic analyses continue to support the monophyly of the J. ganzhouensis, ‘Zangerlianeimongolensis, ‘Z.’ dzamynchondi and ‘Z.’ ukhaachelys clade and the separation of this clade from the type species of Zangerlia, Z. testudinimorpha as recently suggested. The close affinity between Jiangxichelys and ‘Zangerlia’ spp. provides new evidence for weak physical barriers against the dispersal of land vertebrates between southern China and northern China and Mongolia during latest Cretaceous times.

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