Wronascolex is a taxon of palaeoscolecids. It is commonly represented by isolated button-like microfossils or compressed individuals, which are found worldwide in strata ranging from the Cambrian Series 2 to Series 3. The earliest representative of Wronascolex is known from the Sinsk Formation of the lower Cambrian of the Siberian Platform. Other species occur in Burgess Shale-type biotas of Cambrian age from Australia, Spain and North America. New palaeoscolecid material from the Balang Fauna of the Cambrian Series 2 of eastern Guizhou represents a new species of Wronascolex, W. geyiensis sp. nov., and extends the geographic and stratigraphic distribution of Wronascolex, as well as providing additional evidence for understanding its morphology based upon correlation of body configuration and cuticular ornaments.

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