A preliminary summary of the lower Visean to uppermost Moscovian (Carboniferous) conodont succession and biostratigraphy of the Dianzishang section in Zhenning, Guizhou, South China is presented. Eleven conodont zones, in ascending order, can be recognized: Gnathodus praebilineatus, Gnathodus bilineatus, Lochriea ziegleri, Declinognathodus noduliferus, Neognathodus symmetricus, ‘Streptognathodusexpansus (primitive form), ‘Streptognathodusexpansus, Mesogondolella donbassica – Mesogondolella clarki, Idiognathodus podolskensis, Swadelina fauna and Idiognathodus swadei zones. The first occurrences of Lochriea ziegleri at the base of the Serpukhovian Stage, Declinognathodus noduliferus noduliferus at the base of the Bashkirian Stage and ‘Streptognathodusexpansus at the base of the Moscovian Stage are recognized. The definitions of these stage boundaries, as well as that of the base of the Kasimovian Stage are discussed. Correlations with the Naqing section in South China, Russian and North American sections, as well as other important sections in the world, are considered.

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