The Châteaupanne Unit belongs to the South Armorican domain of the Armorican Massif (France), which is part of the Variscan belt. This unit includes two Lower Devonian plant levels and one of them corresponds to the Basal Member of the Chalonnes Formation. A sedimentological and palaeontological analysis of these fossiliferous deposits from the Châteaupanne quarry (Montjean/Loire, Maine et Loire, France) is presented here for the first time. The age determination based on palynology indicates that the locality records the earliest occurrence of plant megafossils in the Armorican Massif. Their presence suggests an emergence event that has never been described before. Our study highlights the promising potential of the Basal Member of the Chalonnes Formation to aid in understanding these occurrences, and provides new insights into the history of the Variscan belt.

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