Integrated graptolite, conodont and chitinozoan biostratigraphical data are presented from the Llandovery and Wenlock of the Kolka-54 core, Latvia. Correlations between graptolite and chitinozoan biozones are consistent with those published from other East Baltic sections and the Welsh Basin. While most correlations between graptolite and conodont biozones agree with those presented in previous studies, there are important exceptions. Significantly, we report here the discovery of Distomodus staurognathoides Biozone conodonts in the lowest Aeronian Demirastrites triangulatus graptolite Biozone. The base of the D. staurognathoides Biozone was previously considered to lie much higher in the Aeronian. Also it is shown that Walliserodus survived the late Wenlock Mulde Event, during which it was considered previously to have become extinct.

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