A graptolite biostratigraphy is erected for the upper Telychian (upper crenulata Biozone) to lower Sheinwoodian (riccartonensis or dubius Biozone) strata of the Jabalón River section, Spain. Two unconformities are recognized in the section: one between the lapworthi and murchisoni biozones; the other between the murchisoni and riccartonensis biozones. These unconformities coincide with intervals of lowered eustatic sea-level. Graptolite assemblages include both cosmopolitan taxa and some which have been recorded previously from Morocco and/or other Spanish sections. At some stratigraphical levels Pristiograptus or Euroclimacis species are abundant; Monoclimacis, Streptograptus and Mediograptus species are generally uncommon. Conodonts were examined from the upper spiralis through to lower murchisoni Biozone; the occurrences of Pterospathodus amorphognathoides are consistent with the species' known range elsewhere. Four new graptolite species are described: Euroclimacis jabalonensis, E. hamata, Monoclimacis flexa and Stimulograptus pradoi.

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