A lower Cambrian eodiscoid trilobite fauna and an associated holmiid trilobite, Holmia sp., are described from a bioclastic limestone at the top of the Torneträsk Formation in the Luobákti section, south of Lake Torneträsk, northern Sweden. Other associated polymerid trilobites include Orodes? lapponica and Strenuaeva inflata. The precise age of the trilobite fauna cannot be determined, but its generic composition and stratigraphical position at the top of the lower Cambrian suggest that it was recovered from the Ornamentaspis? linnarssoni Assemblage Zone. Two species of eodiscoids are present: Neocobboldia aff. dentata and Chelediscus acifer. The latter species is known previously from England and southeastern Newfoundland, and provides a novel link between upper lower Cambrian successions in Baltica and Avalonia.

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