Cruziana ichnospecies have been repeatedly reported to have biostratigraphic significance. This study presents a re-evaluation of the arthropod ichnotaxa of the Cruziana rugosa Group from bio- and/or lithostratigraphically well-defined Lower to Upper Ordovician siliciclastic sections of southern and central Bolivia. With the exception of Cruziana rouaulti, the ichnofaunas contain all the members of the Cruziana rugosa Group throughout the Ordovician (Arenig to Caradoc) successions in Bolivia. The Bolivian material therefore indicates that these arthropod ichnofossil assemblages are suitable for recognizing Ordovician strata in Bolivia. These findings cast doubt on their use as reliable indicators for a global intra-Ordovician (Arenig to Caradoc) biozonation of Peri-Gondwanan sedimentary successions.

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