Western Turkey is an area which has experienced large-scale extension of continental crust. Here we report precise crystallization ages of two intrusions in the central Menderes Massif, the Turgutlu and Salihli granodiorites, using U–Pb dating. Both intrusions occur in the southern footwall of the seismically active Alaşehir graben and were emplaced syntectonically in an extensional top-to-the-NNE shear zone which was active at retrograde greenschist-facies conditions. The U–Pb ages of 16.1 ± 0.2 Ma (monazite, Turgutlu granodiorite) and 15.0 ± 0.3 Ma (allanite, Salihli granodiorite) document that tectonic exhumation of middle-crustal rocks in the central Menderes Massif was already underway at the Early to Middle Miocene transition. Combined with published geochronological, structural and sedimentological data, the new U–Pb ages point to a continued extension since at least 16 Ma. There is no convincing evidence for a late Miocene/Pliocene phase of tectonic shortening.

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