The first tetrapod fossil from the Rewan Formation of the Galilee Basin, central Queensland, Australia, is identified as Lydekkerina huxleyi, a stereospondyl found elsewhere only in the Lystrosaurus Assemblage Zone of South Africa. Apomorphies shared with L. huxleyi are: anterior palatal vacuity with anterodorsal projections from its posterior margin; ventral surface of skull roof with series of thickened ridges (condition unknown in other lydekkerinids); and vomerine shagreen present (possible autapomorphic reversal). Restudy of the only other Australian lydekkerinid, Chomatobatrachus halei, shows it to be distinct from L. huxleyi. The Rewan Formation, undifferentiated in the Galilee Basin, can be correlated with the Rewan Group of the Bowen Basin, and to the early part of the Lystrosaurus Assemblage Zone of the Karoo Basin, South Africa, which are of Griesbachian age. Varying palaeoenvironments may contribute to the contrasting nature of the Australian and South African faunas.

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