A newly discovered active small-scale pull-apart (Mor structure), located in the western part of the Dead Sea Basin, shows recent basin-parallel extension and strike-slip faulting, and offers a rare view of pull-apart internal structure. The Mor structure is bounded by N–S-trending strike-slip faults, and cross-cut by low-angle, E–W-trending normal faults. The geometry of this pull-apart suggests that displacement between the two stepped N–S strike-slip faults of the Mor structure is transferred by the extension associated with the normal faults. The continuing deformation in this structure is evident by the observation of at least three deformation episodes between 50 ka and present. The calculated sinistral slip-rate is 3.5 mm/yr over the last 30 000 years. This slip rate indicates that the Mor structure overlies the currently most active strike-slip fault within the western border of the Dead Sea pull-apart. The Mor structure is an example of a small pull-apart basin developed within a larger pull-apart. This type of hierarchy in pull-apart structures is an indication for their ongoing evolution.

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