The Late Triassic of the back arc Domeyko Basin, Chile is characterized by the onset of marine sedimentation that persisted throughout the rest of the Mesozoic. Carbonate bulk samples from the Punta del Viento Limestone Formation have yielded a numerically small, but apparently widespread, conodont fauna including Epigondolella mosheri, Epigondolella englandi and Neogondolella steinbergensis. These specimens indicate a Rhaetian (Epigondolella mosheri conodont Biozone roughly equivalent to the Paracochloceras amoenum ammonoid Biozone) age for this unit. Their recovery represents the first record of conodonts from Chile, and also indicates a considerable potential for use in correlating sequence stratigraphic events within the Mesozoic Marginal Sea in Colombia, Peru and Chile.

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