The Lower Cambrian sequence at Nuneaton is outlined, with attention to the 2 m thick Home Farm Member (including the Hyolithes Limestone) and its faunal succession at the type locality, Woodlands Quarry, Hartshill. There follows the first modern description and illustration of microfossils and small shelly fossils from this member. Of thirty-two species covered here, twenty are described and illustrated from Nuneaton for the first time and eight of these are new records. The varied fauna includes phosphatic and calcareous microproblematica (especially Coleoloides typicalis), protoconodonts, agglutinated foraminifera, cap-shaped mollusks, primitive bivalves, hyoliths, inarticulate brachiopods and sponges. The fauna has affinity with fossils in the top Tommotian to lower Atdabanian rocks from Siberia and China, from the Baltic area and the belt from southwest Newfoundland to Massachusetts.--Modified journal abstract.

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