The Cambrian and Precambrian sedimentary strata in the center and west part of the Yangtze Platform are in continuous successions, in which the Tiantzushan Member and the Meisuchun Formation are exceedingly rich in shelly fossils. In co-operation with the stratigraphic study in depth and in order to determine the isotopic age for the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary in the Yangtze Platform, a number of isotopic age determinations have been made mainly on the sequences in the Yangtze Gorges area together with those from some other areas in the Yangtze Platform. In this paper, the authors summarize all of these results and infer 610+ or -10 Ma as an age for the Sinian-Cambrian boundary in the Yangtze Platform if the "golden spike" is considered to be placed at the bottom of the Meishucun State.--Modified journal abstract.

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