Certain lamprophyres in Moidart exhibit at least three sets of minor structures (cleavages, lineations and small-scale folds). During the formation of the first set the lamprophyres acquired a schistose fabric; hornblende and biotite laths crystallized along the axial surfaces of tightly compressed folds. The deformation episodes recognized in the lamprophyre sheets post-date the main episodes of major and minor folding (F 1 -F 3 ) that affected the surrounding Moine gneisses. The existence of a metamorphic fabric in these lamprophyres raises interesting problems--was the thermal energy required to 'metamorphose' the lamprophyres derived from deformational heat, or by a heat flow from the Moine country rocks, or were the lamprophyres deformed during cooling and consolidation from the magmatic state (autothermal metamorphism)?

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