Due to an error in converting bottom hole temperatures for the Al-Hashman 1 well prior to calculating heat flow, maturity was under-estimated. The temperatures were recorded in Fahrenheit for this well whereas, for the majority of wells in the study, temperatures were available in Celsius.

The heat flow map on page 343 in Figure 4 was contoured using heat flow values for each well, which include 40 mW/m2 for the Al-Hashman 1 well. The revised value for heat flow for this well, having converted Fahrenheit to Celsius correctly, is 53.4 mW/m2. The revised heat flow map therefore shows a 55 mW/m2 contour in southwest Oman (Figure 4 below).

As a result of the higher heat flow for the Al-Hashman 1 well, present-day maturity at the base of the Silurian Safiq Formation is mid-mature, rather than the low maturity described on page 344 and is here depicted in Figures 6 and 8, respectively.

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