This issue of GEEA presents a small selection of papers read at the 24th International Applied Geochemistry Symposium (IAGS), 20–24 April 2015 at the Hilton El Conquistador Golf & Resort, Tucson, Arizona, USA. The meeting was convened by Eric Weiland, Sarah Lincoln and myself, and attracted 240 participants from 24 countries who presented 90 oral and 60 poster presentations. The conference covered themes in exploration geochemistry; lithogeochemistry; geochemistry in government surveys; mine waste and environmental geochemistry; geochemistry and health; biogeochemistry; hydrogeochemistry; isotope and analytical geochemistry; and a special session on geochemistry in the Desert South West.

The papers published here reflect the diversity, depth and high quality of papers presented at the meeting and we are pleased to see the great tradition of the IAGS papers being published in Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis is continued.

Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (GEEA) is co-owned, and published by, the Geological Society of London and is the flagship journal of the Association of Applied Geochemists (AAG). However, there has been a noticeable drop over the last few years in papers published by AAG members and, similarly, fewer AAG members’ research papers are now presented at IAGS meetings than has been the case historically.

As an associate editor of GEEA and an active Fellow, I encourage AAG members to consider GEEA as the first geochemistry journal for your research papers and case studies. We, as an association, have a long history of supporting those unfamiliar with preparing work for publication and also of working with authors in industry to ensure valuable geochemistry research is documented; this is of benefit to our AAG members and all GEEA readers. It is our journal and it needs input from all members to ensure it continues to grow and improve.