In the various stages from life chemistry to biological evolution, major geological events are usually accompanied by the extinction of species and the gestation of new life, which are important factors that determine the direction of ecological evolution. The study of the terrane accretive orogeny during the Jinning-Chengjiang period has had a great impact on the crustal rock composition, the atmospheric environment, and the water circulation system, etc. The living environment of the primitive biological community has undergone tremendous changes, the crust to produce superimposed contraction and extensional rift effect, resulting in collisional magmatic activity and strong earthquakes, and a large number of species have been extinct. In turn, biological activities and organic matter also contributed significantly to the migration. With the periodic cycle of geological processes and being fully utilized by nature, the origin and evolution of life grow in a spiral. Based on the analysis of the petrochemical composition characteristics of metamorphic volcanic-sedimentary rock series and intermediate-acid intrusive rocks in Pengguan terrane, this article believes that the subduction mechanism of oceanic crust in the study area is formed by the northwest subduction of the Longmenshan-Anning oceanic crust on the southeast side. The relationship among the average change of chemical composition of the diabase in Masongling and Xinkaidong area and around the world, ion radius and compressibility shows that when the element ion compressibility is less than 4.46, compared with the average chemical composition of the diabase in the world, the oxide content such as Si, Ti, Al and P is obviously lower, while when the ion compressibility is equal to or greater than 4.46, the content of oxide of Fe, Mn, Mg and K increases obviously except Ca and Na.

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