The study area is located on the eastern side of the Van Lake near Sugeçer Village, and has anophiolitic complex which contains serpentinised ultramafic rocks that have been hydrothermally altered. Alteration of the serpentinites to listwaenites occurred by silicification and carbonatization and is clearly detected from field observations and petrographical and geochemical analysis. According to mineral compositions listwaenites are grouped as type-I and type-II listwaenites. Type-I listwaenites are dominantly formed by carbonate minerals, rare serpentine, chromite and mariposite minerals type-II listwaenites mainly contain the silicate minerals. Listwaenites are enriched in Au, As, Cu, Ni and Co compared to serpentines. Furthermore, the listwaenites display enrichment in terms of light rare earth elements and depletion for heavy rare earth element content, when normalized to chondrite. The effect of tectonism is widely observed in the study area. Mineral enrichment in the Sugeçer region is associated with mineral transport by hydrothermal fluids under the influence of tectonism.

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