A regional-scale geochemical survey was carried out in Mpanda, Kahama and Biharamulo target areas of northwestern Tanzania. Minerogenic stream sediments were collected from a grid based on small catchment basins. The average sample density was 1 sample per 10 km2 and each sample represents a drainage basin of between 3 and 10 km2 in size. The <0.18-mm fraction was analysed for Au, Pd and Te. Major element total concentrations and aqua regia extractable concentrations of more than 30 elements were also determined. The results indicate earlier unknown Au-bearing greenstones in the Kahama region, and unknown rocks hosting anomalous concentrations of Au and Pt group elements in the Kahama and Biharamulo areas. In the Mpanda area, the Mpanda Mineral Field was detected, including the presence of Au and Cu ores.

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