The Geochemical Atlas of Italy addresses the need for geochemical mapping of the country, based on FOREGS procedures. Data from samples of Italian topsoil, subsoil, stream water, stream sediment and floodplain sediment have been extracted from the FOREGS database and supplemented with data from eight new sample sites. In total 360 geochemical maps have been produced and spatial correlations have been found between the underlying geology and element abundances in the sampled media. The aim of the Geochemical Atlas of Italy is to document background/baseline chemical element variation at the national scale. It is found to be a suitable tool to support government decision-makers to assess trigger and action limits at the local scale, when considered in the light of the complex spatial variability of Italian geology. Maps presented here demonstrate that low density geochemical mapping is a viable tool to obtain an impression of natural element variation at the country scale and to identify areas where more detailed sampling is advisable.

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