This study shows the statistical and spatial distribution of Mo, Sn and W in topsoils of the Campania Region. Topsoil samples were collected based on a 16-km2 and a 3.8-km2 cell-sampling grid in the suburban and urban areas, respectively. Samples were analysed for Mo, Sn and W concentrations by ICP-MS after an aqua regia digestion. Multifractal methods and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) composite maps of untransformed and centred log-ratio (clr) transformed datasets have been used to recognize spatial patterns of the three elements. Continuous low-value zones were revealed in topsoils over siliciclastic rocks where rivers might have redistributed sediments with low concentrations. A molybdenum anomaly south of Mt Cervati can be related to lacustrine argillaceous sediments containing sulphide minerals. Tin hot spots and anomaly zones were revealed along the Volturno River and urban areas. Tungsten is the element out of the three which is best related to the presence of volcanic rocks belonging to the Neapolitan Potassic Province.

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