Geochemistry: Environment, Exploration, Analysis (GEEA) is published by Geological Society of London, a long-standing publisher of some of the most prestigious Earth science journals globally. The Geological Society of London is an organization totally dedicated to the promotion of Earth science at every level, and its staff – including Jessica Pollitt as the Production Editor of GEEA – is among the most competent and dedicated in the Earth sciences. Within this family, GEEA is a journal aimed at applied geochemistry, and its success can be attributed in large part to the efforts of its founder and Chief Editor for the past 15 years, Gwendy Hall. Gwendy worked meticulously at building the reputation of the journal and making it the most relevant publication for those with the vision to integrate exploration, analytical and environmental science. Gwendy remains a strategic consultant on all things GEEA. As the relatively new Chief Editor, I am fortunate to have her as a colleague, and we all benefit from working alongside someone so dedicated to applied geochemistry and its community.

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