In the print and online version of the title article, misprints and incorrect versions of equations were included.

  1. Abstract: Line 8 should read “related EoS coefficients of Co olivine” rather than “related EoS of Co olivine”.

  2. The third line below Eq. (6) should read “With γMG being temperature invariant” rather than “With γMG being the temperature invariant”.

  3. Eq. (11) should read “P(V,Tref)/K0T+ΔPth(T)/K0T=0” rather than P(V,Tref)/(K0T)+(ΔPth(T))/(K0T)=0.

  4. In the sixth line below Eq (I) one should read “M iT=-xiP/xiT” rather than “M iT=xiP/xiT”.

  5. Eq. (II) should read “Pxi,Tref=K0,iTK0,i'+1expK0,i'+11-ηi-1” rather than “P(xi,Tref)K0,iTK0,i+1expK0,i+11-η i-1”.

  6. Eq. (III) should read “KiT(P=0,T)=K0,iT1-K0,i+1ΔEth(T,θ0, i)Q0, i1-1K0,i+1ln1-K0,i+1ΔEth(T,θ0, i)Q0, i” rather than KiT(P=T)=K0,iT1-K0,i+1ΔEth(T,θ0,i)Q0,i1-1K0,i+1ln1-K0,i+1ΔEth(T,θ0,i)Q0,i.

  7. In the first line of the footnote of Table 3, “Eq. (II)” should read “Eq. (I)”.

  8. Line 8 of the right column of page 323 should read “V/V0 ≈ 1.5) so that αV(P0, T) becomes infinite at a” rather than “V/V0 ≈ 1.5) so that V(P0, T) becomes infinite at a”

The authors offer apologies for the inconvenience.

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