The entry of the European Journal of Mineralogy into the third millenium is marked by two events. Starting with this first issue of the thirteenth volume, the full-text version of the journal — including active reference linking — will now be available online to print subscribers, and we are pleased to announce a trial period of free unrestricted access, via

Moreover, major changes affect the editorial board and managing committee. Christian Willaime, managing editor of the journal since its foundation in 1988, is relinquishing his charge to Christian Chopin, so far chief-editor. The latter is being replaced by Bertrand Fritz as chief-editor nominated by SFMC, whereas Wolfgang Hoffmann, representative of DMG in the managing committee and one of the founders of the journal, is replaced by Walter Maresch, former chief-editor. A glance over the past years shows the immense credit that Christian Willaime deserves for having shaped the new journal and cared for it like a parent for a child (see Eur. J. Mineral., 4, 5–6). He led it into this century through one major growth crisis in the early nineties, from essentially the lead-font times into the era of electronic publishing. Christian Willaime put into practice the visionary project of the early promoters of a mineralogical European society journal — among others Martine Lagache, Ulli Bambauer, Attilio Boriani and Victor Gabis. He made this project a reality and a success — a reality with 12 volumes and more than 1100 articles published; a success with a circulation of 2200 copies and an ever-increasing “impact factor”, that reached the value of 1.36 in the year 2000, according to the Journal Citation Reports of the ISI. Particularly rewarding for those who have had the chance to work with Christian is that he always considers such a success to be the result of true teamwork, offered in a spirit of service. A challenge for the new managing editor. Thank you, Christian!

Ernst Burke also deserves our gratitude, for actively maintaining the web-site of the journal at the highest standards, again in a spirit of service that makes it a very useful tool for the community and one of the keys to success for the journal.

This success also reflects the scientific quality of the journal, which rests on the expertise and dedicated work of the team of associate editors: T. Andersen, D. Andrault, R.J. Angel, L. Baumgartner, U. Bismayer, G. Chiari, P. Cordier, J. Dubessy, M. Enami, M.-L. Frezzotti, M. Göbbels, P.F. Lattanzi, D. Lattard, E. Libowitzky, H. Palme, M. Pasero, R. Petrini, S. Poli, M. Pósfai, R. Rinaldi, V. Sautter, P. Schreiter and E. Tillmanns. The newcomers are F. Corfu, M. Enami, M. Nespolo and T. Vennemann, whereas U. Kramm and C.J. Stanley will leave the board. We thank all of them for their unselfish engagement.

Most authors are now familiar with the green annotations put on the manuscripts by Michèle Canaple, the Editorial Secretary of the journal, who cares for high technical standards and strict adherence to the production schedule.

The European Journal of Mineralogy is and remains a society journal. At a time in which libraries face ever-increasing funding problems, it is published inexpensively on behalf of non-profit societies, for the sole benefit of the scientific community in Europe and world-wide. Over the years, the financial support of the French “Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique” and of the faithful subscribers allows the journal to maintain the sound basis necessary for the constant improvements we wish to offer to the authors and readers.