Comprehensive studies of diamond crystals with a low nitrogen concentration from the placer deposits and kimberlite pipes of Yakutia have facilitated the detection of three titanium-nitrogen-related centers: OK1/S1, N3/440.3 nm and NU1/485 nm in the EPR and photoluminescence spectra. Additional proof of titanium presence in the structure of EPR N3 center was obtained from the hyperfine structure of titanium magnetic isotopes 47Ti and 49Ti. Titanium-nitrogen-related centers in the neighboring substitutional sites (N3/440.3 nm) and in the structure of the <100> interstitial (NU1/485 nm) are not found in cubic habit crystals, which are characterized by the presence of the OK1/S1 center with a double semi-vacancy structure. All three types of nitrogen-titanium-related centers are present in cuboctahedral habit diamonds. It is assumed that these habit-specific distributions of defects in diamond are a result of the peculiarities of incorporating nitrogen and titanium impurities into the different growth sector of crystals and aggregation thereof at high pressure and temperature.

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