Microporous metallophosphates with the cancrinite framework structure crystallize from hydrothermal synthesis procedures with aqueous solutions of the alkali metals cesium und sodium. Cobaltophosphate cancrinite Na6Cs2[Co6P6O24](OH)2 • 1.4 H2O and zincophosphate cancrinite Na6Cs2[Zn6P6O24](OH)2 • H2O were prepared and structurally described. They crystallize in space group P63 with a = 12.8514(7) Å, c = 5.0468(5) Å, V = 721.9(3) Å3 (CoPO4-CAN) and a = 12.794(1) Å, c = 5.066(1) Å, V = 718.2(5) Å3 (ZnPO4-CAN). Both phases are basic cancrinites. Their channel filling is compared with naturally occurring beryllophosphate cancrinite tiptopite and a previously described ZnPO4 cancrinite, which was prepared in a high temperature synthesis with a large number of different cations. CoPO4-CAN and ZnPO4-CAN are the first two synthetic metallophosphates crystallizing with the structure type of the feldspathoid cancrinite.

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