Squawcreekite is a rare AO2 oxide with rutile-type structure. A squawcreekite (FeSbO4)-rutile (TiO2) solid solution has been recognised in quartz veins from the Kajlidongri manganese mine District Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh (India): this finding represents the first occurrence of a chemically pure squawcreekite-rutile solid solution. Transmission electron microscopy analyses exclude the existence of intergrowths or microinclusions, as well as spinodal decomposition. Quantitative electron microprobe analyses clearly indicate that the exchange vector Fe3+Sb5+Ti4+-2 accounts for the wide compositional variation suggesting the existence of a solubility range in natural samples between rutile70squawcreekite30 — rutile30squawcreekite70.

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