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SEG Publication Boards

The Publications Board oversees all SEG publications, which include the semi-quarterly journal, Economic Geology, the quarterly SEG Newsletter, Reviews Volumes, Special Publications, and SEG Compilations. The Editorial Board is responsible for peer review of papers published in Economic Geology. Additional information about the Society can be found at

Publications Board

Through 2016

Sarah A. Gleeson
Richard J. Goldfarb, Chair
Stuart F. Simmons

Through 2017

Zhaoshan Chang
Patrick Mercier-Langevin

Through 2018

Claire M. Chamberlain
Brian G. Hoal, ex officio
Lawrence D. Meinert, Economic Geology Editor

Editorial Board

Through 2017

Shaun Barker, Hamilton, New Zealand
Stephen J. Barnes, Perth, Australia
Jean S. Cline, Las Vegas, Nevada
Lyle Mars, Reston, Virginia
Stephen Piercey, St. Johns, Canada

Through 2018

Massimo Chiaradia, Geneva, Switzerland
Sarah Gleeson, Edmonton, Canada
Stuart F. Simmons, Salt Lake City, Utah
Paul G. Spry, Ames, Iowa
Jamie Wilkinson, London, United Kingdom

Through 2019

Jacob Hanley, Halifax, Canada
Simon Jowitt, Las Vegas, Nevada
Gleb Pokrovski, Toulouse, France
David Selby, Durham, United Kingdom
Andrew Tomkins, Melbourne, Australia

Through 2020

Anton Chakhmouradian, Winnipeg, Canada
Jonathan Cloutier, St. Johns, Canada
Judith Kinnaird, Johannesburg, South Africa
Martin Reich, Santiago, Chile
Alistair White, Bentley, Western Australia

Through 2021

Adam Simon, Ann Arbor, Michigan
David R. Cooke, Hobart, Australia
Lucas Marshall, Vancouver, Canada
Jeremy Richards, Edmonton, Canada
Adam Simon, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Anthony E. Williams-Jones, Montreal, Canada

Books Reviews Editor

Richard J. Goldfarb, Denver, Colorado

Interesting Papers Editor

Robert R. Seal II, Reston, Virginia

Special Editors

Richard J. Goldfarb, Denver, Colorado
Jeffrey W. Hedenquist, Ottawa, Ontario

Managing Editor

Alice Bouley, Littleton, Colorado

Production Editor

Mabel J. Peterson, New Haven, Connecticut

Assistant Editor

Christine Brandt, Littleton, Colorado

Graphic Designer

Vivian Smallwood, Littleton, Colorado

Business/Production Office

Society of Economic Geologists, Inc.
7811 Shaffer Parkway
Littleton, CO 80127

Tel. +1 (720) 981-7882
Fax: +1 (720) 981-7874
E-mail: seg{at}

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