This article presents a database of ground motions parameters for earthquakes recorded in Japan by the Kiban Kyoshin network (KiK-net). The database includes all earthquakes in the KiK-net website with magnitude larger than three and recorded between 1996 and the end of 2017. In addition to the information KiK-net provides for each event, we have enriched the database using moment tensor solutions provided by the F-net website and, when available, finite-fault source models from the literature. Various distance measures are computed for each ground motion, including estimates of rupture distance for sufficiently large events, including those with finite-fault source models. Each ground motion is processed using an automated algorithm. Several intensity measures (i.e. spectral acceleration, smoothed and down-sampled Fourier amplitude, Arias intensity, and duration measures) of the processed ground motions are presented in the database. Intensity measures are computed both for surface and borehole records. Finally, the database includes parameters for the recording sites based on shear wave velocity profiles provided by KiK-net.

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