In seismic design, intensity measures are selected on the basis of how well these parameters correlate with the damage caused by earthquakes and on our ability to predict these intensity measures for a given earthquake scenario. As an index for the energy content of ground motions, Arias Intensity has proved to be efficient in several applications, including the prediction of earthquake-induced slope failure and damage in structures, and to a lesser extent liquefaction triggering. In this article, the Kiban-Kyoshin network (KiK)-net database is used to present ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for Arias Intensity of shallow crustal and subduction zone earthquakes. The proposed GMPEs are applicable for M 4-9. The predictive models incorporate the average shear-wave velocity over the upper 30 meters (VS30) for the prediction of site effects. The proposed relationships include additional attenuation for paths that cross the volcanic fronts and different attenuation for forearc and backarc regions of Japan.

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