We develop a ground motion prediction equation (GMPE) for estimating horizontal ground motion amplitudes caused by crustal earthquakes, based on an integrated data set that includes strong motion recordings mainly from Taiwan earthquakes and only from large magnitude earthquakes in the NGA-West2 database. This GMPE is developed for probabilistic seismic hazard analysis study, which is introduced as a part of Taiwan Senior Seismic Hazard Analysis Committee Level 3 projects. The functional form developed by Chiou and Youngs was carefully studied to determine the key modeling parameters needed to regress against ground motion in the target region. Using this functional form, the GMPE achieves considerable improvement over previously developed Taiwan GMPEs. In particular, the use of a high-order function in magnitude scaling enables representation of the saturation effects of large earthquakes. Moreover, consideration of focal mechanisms, depth effects, and dip effects are used to correct the magnitude scaling; consideration of nonlinear site amplification is conditioned on VS30 and reference ground motion on rock; and consideration of basin depth effect is a function of Z1.0 in correlation with VS30. In addition, ground motion data used in this study are not only expanded by more than three times as many earthquakes and records compared with a previous Taiwan model but also provide the metadata of these records that were not available or were previously incomplete. In this study, we compare the proposed model with the NGA-West2 models and discuss the regional difference in ground motion in terms of spectral shape, magnitude scaling, distance scaling, depth scaling, style of faulting, and site effects. We provide median and single standard deviations of peak ground acceleration and 5% damped pseudospectral acceleration response ordinates of the orientation-independent average horizontal component of ground motion (RotD50) for the spectral period of 0.01–10 s.

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